Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ionizer...huh? A Brief Intro: Short, but Sweet...

I have to admit, I have actually been a bit vague about Ionized Water and thought I should delve into it to try to clarify.

We are recognizing that Ionized water's ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) rather than pH factor is more important when it comes to drinking water these days...

Water treated via electrolysis through a water ionizer/purifier makes the water molecules somewhat thinner or more bio-available and also work like antioxidants to address free radicals in the body (something everyone can benefit from), this is measured as an ORP (Redox or Reduction Potential is what you should look for when buying a Water Ionizer/Purifier)

Compared to any processed water for sale, Ionized Water with a reduction potential of -250 to -300 mV is beyond comparison due to its ability to scavenge active oxygen radicals.

Most high end Water Ionizers offer choices in pH between Acid and Alkaline, with a variety of ORP values along with Purified / Clean Water which make for a great investment in your family's health. 

What is Acid Water good for you ask? Acid water can act as an antibacterial agent, or is perfect for growing herbs or cleaning vegetables among other external things.


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