Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weight Loss: I Finally lost the Belly Fat in my 50's

I am one of those girls that just never lost my "belly fat". You know, I am not really overweight and have not been for years, when I am more physically active, I am a little underweight, but to no avail, the belly fat has always been there. Even during my heavy work out days, it remained.

Summer of 2009, my belly fat increased to the point that someone asked me "are you pregnant?" My reply was "No, but I have this weird belly fat that has been growing lately, really weird". I went about my normal routine throughout the summer, and found I was getting more and more tired. There was not much time to pay attention to my fatigue, so I just kept "goin' on". Then one day, a friend of the family came up to me and started talking to me. I did not hear a word he said, I thought, "I am going to collapse, right now, this is it, I am dying" as I leaned against the counter to hold myself up, I thought, "well, at least this guy knows my father and will find him and someone will alert the EMT's". I was trying to respond politely in the conversation but was totally disconnected, then he finished his conversation and left. At this point, I sat down, but just did not feel right, and after some time, the feeling went away, I never felt rested after that, always tired, dragging. Granted, I work non-stop in the summer, but I never felt quite this exhausted before.

I vowed that I would take some time for myself to figure out what was wrong with me. Skipping forward to the end of the summer when I finally had a little time to work on myself, I made an appointment with my chiropractor who works with muscle testing (specialized applied kinesiology) like I do, but I really wanted an objective view. Long story short, I tested positive for candida. I could not believe that I did not figure it out myself, but they always say, you cannot doctor yourself and I find that to be true in most cases.

So I started a candida diet and also worked with a technique that accelerates the process. In 2 weeks., all my belly fat was gone, I had more energy than I had in YEARS and my mind was clearer, my muscle was more defined etc. I was amazed and I was 10 lbs lighter!

I started muscle testing my patients for candida and every one of my weight loss patients came up positive. Even patients with other issues like Fibromyalgia, started getting better by using the same techniques when they showed candida as interfering with the body.

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. Just think of when you make bread, you add yeast to flour and place the mix in a warm environment, the ball of dough rises/ inflates and gets fluffy. When I see patients with what I call "fluffy fat", that is a big clue that candida is at work.

I have found that almost everyone that comes in shows some degree of yeast or candida. Almost everyone who sticks with the 2 week restricted diet ends up losing an average of 10 lbs. A few that only made it a week, lost 4-5 lbs. This is not actually a weight loss program, it is a Candida Program, but since so many issues are related to Candida, they seem to be resolved. I had achey pain all over my body before the diet, but it mysteriously disappeared after. Over the years, I just became accustomed to the pain, thought it was from physically working to much etc, but it was constant for many year, especially when it was cold out for some reason.

The other aspect I became aware of was the "cellulite" that had been present since I was a teenager, started disappearing. You know that bubbly/lumpy skin on the backs of your thighs that makes you want to wear long skirts and pants? That stuff. It was not completely gone, but my skin appeared smooth and "unrippled". It occurred to me that Candida and Cellulite might be related, so I began to experiment with utilizing metal detox with the candida diet and found it to be a necessary step.

From my observations, I hypothesized that, cellulite is a ball of fat, which has encapsulated a piece of metal. Heavy metals, get in the body through the water, pans we cook in, aluminum pots, the air etc. The really have no way to be released or "vehicle" to help them chelate from the body. The body is doing what it should, it is placing a ball of fat around the sharp metal, so it does not cause damage. It is storing it. When you melt fat, the metal is released in the body.

Heavy Metal Toxicity, I believe, can cause all types of issues. Some believe a myriad of mental disorders are related to Heavy Metals from Alzheimer's to Autism, so it has to be addressed during weight loss. And when it is, it seems that cellulite smoothes out. An added bonus in my opinion.

It has been over a year now since my candida diet and my belly fat is still gone. I started eating different and using my diet to control my health more. I still see a little cellulite but it is steadily decreasing

No matter who you are, or how much you know, you can always learn something new and I am so grateful to have learned, first hand, the effects of candida and how to get rid of it so that I can pass my experience on to so many people suffering needlessly.

Here's to your Flat Belly's and GOOD health!
copyright 11/28/2010

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