Monday, December 5, 2011

Rebuilding Bone, Restoring Health, What's in a Tooth?

I have noticed in the past several years that my teeth seemed "weak". They even had developed some vertical lines which tend to come and go to some degree. These lines started showing up on just the front teeth and eventually developed throughout my teeth. In my search for answers, I came across a little book on how to cure tooth decay naturally.

This book has lead me deep into the memories of my past, when it was ok to drink milk, eat cheese and meats. When I was young, we had milk delivered to our doorstep in a glass bottle. The cream was thickly floating on the top of bottle and my mother would mix it by shaking.

I used to absolutely LOVE milk. I can even remember eating pizza (which was nearly never) with milk. Almost any fruit was eaten in milk or with sour cream. It was the only way I liked it. It was not until my mid-thirties that I was convinced that Milk, my beloved Milk, was the cause of my many digestion/elimination issues which had been going on for years. I reluctantly quit all dairy, and low and behold, the issues that plagued me for most of my adulthood, disappeared. I had relayed my story to anyone who would listen over the years and many people had found relief in the same way.

NOW, from what I have recently read, and with my little experimentation utilizing the information I have found, I have begun partaking in raw milk products and discovered that though I cannot tolerate more than a glass of milk a day, and a few slices of cheese and or cultured milk product, I am seeing improvement in my teeth AND am noticing the sagging skin on my face plump up. My skin texture is smoothing and my body's muscle mass is beefing up etc.

I am esctatic! All this with just a few small changes involving raw and cultured milk products over the last month. This may sound strange but even my eyebrows are thickening (over the years, I have noticed that my eyebrows were thinning, my eyes would sometimes look sullen and sunken in, it is a look I alway associated with old people as a malnourishment in my practice)

I have begun to ponder....Is it possible that the only "unhealthy" thing about Milk is the processing? ...that Milk really does do a body good when it is less processed? Could weak teeth be just another indicator that something is lacking in your diet?

Some of you many ask, "can you even buy raw milk?" Well, it is really not recommended that humans drink raw milk (I believe that is the recommendation of the FDA) and I cannot recommend anyone does it either but yes, you can usually buy it for your animals or through a co-op.

It may be better to culture your raw milk products, but definitely you should educate yourself on raw products before you proceed.

Pasteurization pretty much kills the bacteria, but it also kills the good stuff, so I chose to try it raw myself and so far, so good.

Anyone else have thoughts/experience on raw milk and raw milk products?
Patricia J Ahner

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Manic Depression and Princess Leia?

I just watched Carrie Fisher on Oprah who is recovering from several things and dealing with manic depression. Gosh, Princess Leia!

I wanted to scream out, chemical toxicity, mineral deficiency! But basically, it seems people are not educated to believe there is an alternative solution that may go beyond what the allopathic medical system is offering.

I tend to approach a patient by first considering what the root cause is. Is it metabolic/internal, and what is different from a person with depression (for example) than a person without depression? Hmmmmm, the healthy person has no toxicity and good mineral electrolyte activity.

Toxins, over-stress the liver (the liver processes things like toxins/chemicals etc. from the body). If the liver is over-stressed by either too many toxins coming in or too much internal breakdown happening. It cannot clean the blood like it should and makes you feel sluggish, give you headaches, leads to depression, migraines, pain, etc.

Then the next consideration is: how do you assist the liver?
First, stop dumping chemicals / toxins into the body like the obvious drugs (prescription* or otherwise), etc. but the not-so obvious things like Chlorine from your drinking water/shower/wash, pesticides on the food (and in the water I presume) chemical cleaning products in the air, perfumes and sprays, plug-in room deodorizers, car fumes (ok, some you cannot help but come in contact with, but the idea is to eliminate any toxins you can).

Next eat your vegetables and cut back on your meat and bad fats like butter and margarine, stay away from standard milk and milk products. In my opinion, 70% of the food that goes into your mouth should be fresh vegetables (or very lightly steamed), then a little meat if you feel the need but also a variety of grains. Beets are especially helpful to the liver from what I have found. Beet leaves seems to assist the gallbladder. Vegetable help clean the body and nourish the body with vitamins and minerals.

I have completely eliminated cow's milk and converted to coconut milk, (but still struggling to find a good clean source that is not in a can) because I believe it totally interferes with the body and when I cut it out, I feel so much better and don't get that mucous discharge with my bowel movement anymore. Milk, these days, I am told is pretty much dead or not useful to the body. Why put something that is not useful into the body when you have any type of toxicity?

Minerals do so many things for the body and practically everyone seems to be mineral deficient. Some people don't realize that minerals are not vitamins. Minerals rebuild bones, help the electrolyte activity of the body. Move the blood, work the muscles, including the heart, etc. Food based Minerals are the only way to go. If they are not food based, you could be doing more harm than good in my opinion. If your minerals are food based, you know they are absorbable. If they are not absorbable, what happens to them? They get stored all over the body, in the vessels, joints etc. Over the years you could have a big problem. Purified water can help get some of that non-absorbable stuff out but, if you take food-based minerals, you never have to worry about that (unless you drink spring water or tap water of course).

So if Carrie Fisher showed up in my office, most likely, I would work with Acupuncture, Nutrition and Food Therapy depending on my findings. I would probably have her drink purified water, work with her digestive enzymes, pancreas, gallbladder, liver and kidneys also her elimination system. I would guess that in less than 6 months she would be feeling much, much better if not before.

The medical system seems to poo, poo alternative therapies, often inferring that there is no proof these therapies work, no statistics. True, statistics are hard to come by. There is not much funding available for Alternative Therapies (especially ones that do not support the prescription drug system or make big money for the healthcare system) and there are not easy ways to measure these therapies other than with clinical findings, which do not seem to hold much value in the western medical world, so why bother until it can be measured?

Now, my question to you is; how do I get this information to the general public, and to influential people like Oprah and Carrie Fisher? How do I reach those ordinary people looking for relief from depression, anxiety, Insomnia etc. Sometimes it is frustrating to see so many people suffer needlessly. If there were a common public venue or support for this information, wouldn't it be wonderful? The allopathic system has so many things in place to capture the attention of the general public, including owning the word "cure" for all intensive purposes. If any other therapist has even the remotest success with a patient, even if they fully recovered, they can never claim they were cured, because they could lose their license.

I had one patient that was scheduled for knee surgery and walked into my office on a cane. He walked out without one and his doctor said he no longer needed surgery and could not explain why. Was he cured? No, he fully recovered and has never needed the surgery even several years later. When a patient calls and asks if Acupuncturist can cure knee pain or migraines, etc., the answer has to be "no" because we are not permitted to offer a cure.

Basically, it is true, no one cures. The body does it, we just give the body what it needs to cure itself. Frankly, has the allopathic system cured much of anything? If you need surgery, there is no better place to go than to a surgeon. If you need a full recovery, where should you go? I would not go to a surgeon. If you have pain, depression, headaches, etc. I would not want to cover it up with prescription drugs, I would want to recover. There are literally thousands of alternative therapies out there to choose from these basic things I listed above give the body a head start to recover on it's own.

*I am recommending that you consult your allopathic doctor before you make any changes, but keep in mind that allopathic doctors are not alternative therapist and most only know their particular field. If you are on prescription drugs, you have no choice but to follow the doctor's orders but try to implement what you can with the other suggestions and continue to ask if you can be safely taken off the medication or if there is a drug free way to address your issue. Seek out an Alternative Therapist to complement your treatment with advise on diet and nutrition, etc.