Friday, December 5, 2008

Cellular Protection for Rejuvenation

With all the buzz about Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Cell Phones, Computers and plain old electricity everywhere, it is only prudent to consider EMF devices to protect your human biological cell from damage.
I have tried several things in the past...
One, I paid a lot of money for, and then it suddenly did not feel right, guess what, it broke!
The one I love and still wear is a piece of jewelry with NASA technology call Dichroic Jewelry and you can find them here and there, they are beautiful and look like a weird stone of some sort, but are manmade (size does matter here, the bigger, the more protection).

I muscle test these devices to see if they really work. I test them against my body, then I hold my cell phone up to my ear and test them, then I test them while making a call. This Dichroic Jewelry works in all positions. I then hold up my portable phone from home and turn it on and it does not work. What does that mean? Can the portable phones be worse than the cell phones? Of course my cell phone has a low SARS rating, which most are not.

Recently, I found a great one that is easy to get at a great price. Works on both the cell and the portable phone in talking position. I have one taped to my computer and found my eyes don't get so weak at night (I must admit, I am on the computer ALOT lately) Before when I was on the portable and using the computer, I had to step away from it (computer) because me hears would hurt inside. I think there is some kind of connection between the wireless devices.

I am always surprised how many people do not know of (and who know but are not concerned with) electromagnet interruption of our bodies. Maybe they don't quite get it, or if they did, what would they do? They need their phones. It is now a necessary accessory. Your body does most of it's healing and regeneration at night. With all the little computer,cell phone chargers lights on, the wireless everything throughout your house, your body is constantly being interrupted, even at night! Oh, by the way, YOUR BODY CANNOT REGENERATE, HEAL OR MAINTAIN IT'S HEALTH WITH EMF INTERRUPTION. So it is extremely necessary in these times of wireless communication to protect your cells. Without it, all the nutrition in the world will not be enough to counteract the effects unless you live in the woods away from such things!

I am here to tell you, some EMF devices can run hundreds of dollars and then they can break! ugh
This one works, is simple and is affordable, so if down the road, it breaks for any reason, you can afford to GET ANOTHER ONE!

For the cost of less than $30 plus S & H, how can you go wrong! Get 3! One for your phone, one for your computer, one for your body (yes, one has a hook for a chain so you can wear it). Your cells will thank you.

I personally have the beautiful Dichroic piece that I wear and 2 of the other ones for my phone and computer.
I am trying to get these on my site to sell on the FoodTherapy page, wish me luck... or check the page periodically.
Protect your cells!

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