Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fluffy Fat or Wheat Belly?

I caught Dr Davis' Wheat Belly Diet on the Dr Oz show and applaud him for this simple solution for many struggling, not wanting to give up their addiction to various foods and I agree with the theory in general.

Here are my concerns and comments:
I noticed good amounts of Almond flour are included in many of the recipes, which concerns me since I have always read that 5-6 nuts a day is plenty (especially for dense nuts) and a big problem with vegetarians when they first start eliminating meat and attempting to get proteins. They think it is healthy to eat plenty of nuts, but this has been found to be true or helpful. Many people have major issues with almonds and it seem so to be in everything "healthy".  Also cheese seems to be included in many recipes which is phlegm causing from my knowledge, clogging up the body in nearly every area and probably overtaxing the gallbladder a bit. Also, since Flax is said to become toxic when heated or ground, it might not be the best choice for several cooked recipes.  From what I know, Coconut flour might be good in small amounts.

I also noticed that Dr Davis was not really what I would call a lean guy but not too overweight either however, so I would guess, he has to test all the recipes himself :)

Wheat is a big problem, that is true, so if this type of diet can help to transition people into a healthier diet without the cheese, mega almonds or nuts, toxic broken or heated seeds, I am all for it. Perhaps these recipes could be kept to a minimum with the basic diet of 25% various proteins to 75% veggies, colorful berries once a week along with one of these recipes a week as an ultimate goal along with some basic exercise, for a better outcome in health. 

I have nearly eliminated all wheat except for any unavoidable, occasional meals at a friends houses here and there. 

I make a fantastic chocolate "bean" cake from a modified recipe I found as a treat, which is not an everyday thing however. I make the cake, freeze everything except 2 pieces and take them out as I desire so I do not feel like I need to eat it everyday or it will spoil. I do not miss bread or wheat products at all. 

I substitute beans to give me a bread like consistency if I need, but generally, I do not overdue with beans either.

I also found that my increasing craving for sweets in the evening were virtually eliminated by including complete proteins and good fats like quinoa and tahini as an evening snack.

Bulking up on veggies, especially green leafy ones, with small amounts of protein, good fats, complete protein combinations is my focus. The only natural sweetener I found to not interfere with the body is a particular brand "Sugar in the Raw"  (which you can buy bulk in a box or in packets) so the company must be doing (or not doing) something no other company seems to be doing. Of course, we all know by now that artificial sweeteners actually make the body fatter, so I am not going into that right now.

Everything in moderation was my mother's motto, and I agree. Growing up, dessert was reserved for holidays and birthdays and most were natural fruit pies. Fruit was minimal on a daily basis (too sweet for everyday). Now they say colorful berries are the best choices but other fruits might only be considered with the season they are grown (like melons in the summer, squash (yes, squash has seeds, thus a fruit!) in the fall etc.

I call Dr. Davis' "Wheat Belly fat", "FLUFFY FAT" which is basically, not fat just in the belly, but includes "cellulite" type fat. 

This type of fat melts away in 2 short weeks with a Fluffy Fat diet I prescribe in my practice. There is a little more to it than just restricted eating. There are other issues that can inhibit dropping of the fluffy fat when these elements are not included along with the diet. The fat can return quickly when all these things are not involved together, actually making the person fatter than before!  Generally people lose about 10 lbs on the diet during the 2 weeks.

Many years ago, I began to develop a little belly (like a half of a small basketball) and was even asked if I was pregnant at one point. My energy had gradually become depleted and my mind was foggy. I felt weak and knew something was wrong. While standing at work one day and talking to a friend of my father's who had come in, I thought to myself, I am going to die now. I looked around, and thought at least my father's friend would be able to inform someone. I held myself in place by leaning on the counter in front of me and eventually the conversation was over, the friend left and I sat down. It took several minutes but I recovered. In a quest to discover what could be the problem, I found this diet.

I was about 5 lbs overweight when I first did the diet and still lost 10 lbs, shortly afterward, my weight stabilized to my normal weight, I felt healthy, strong, with loads of energy, my mind was clear, my muscles were defined (instead of the flabby arms I seems to always have).  I felt like I worked out everyday when actually I did not. The cellulite in my legs and buttock was completely gone (which I have had since a teenager, no matter what I tried before), my legs were completely smooth!

I generally complete this 2 week diet at least once a year (whether I have fluffy fat or not), but usually twice a year (spring and fall). In between, I try to follow this type of diet as closely as possible in my everyday life for better health overall. With this type of schedule, if I get off track, it is not a big problem for my health.

Maybe I should write a book ;)

Congrats, Dr Davis on his Wheat Belly Diet concept and reaching so many people in need of a change!