Sunday, February 5, 2012

Look 10 years Younger - Acupuncture Facials diminish wrinkles without pain

Are those little lines and wrinkles creeping up on you?
Do you have an aversion to surgery or just don't like the unnatural look of face lift/plastic surgery?

I remember the first time that I recognized the manner in which Acupuncture Facials could affect someone. During "clinic rounds" while I was studying Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, I worked on a patient who signed up for 10 sessions of Facial Acupuncture, however, I only worked with her the first visit.

About 7 weeks later, I saw a vaguely familiar woman walking down the clinic hallway and asked one of the other students who she was.

The student told me that woman was the patient who was receiving the Acupuncture Facial series.

I was shocked!

She looked 10 years younger to me. (If I recall correctly, she was appx 45-47, but definitely looked in her mid 30's) The other students working with her said they thought it was improving her appearance but it seemed more gradual to them, since they had seen her and worked with her every week. I had only seen her the first visit. I believed she also looked "healthier" and definitely had a "glow" that she did not have at the start of the treatment. Acupuncture not only affects the superficial aspect of the lines and wrinkles, it also treats the underlying health issue that contribute to aging skin which no surgery can affect. So you feel better, look better and are healthier in the long run.

She came one time a week for 10 weeks total which is the recommended treatment course.

Since then, I have performed these Anti-Aging Acupuncture Facials in my practice but have always wondered why anyone would have facial surgery, when this non-surgical, natural face-lift was available.

The biggest hurdle that Acupuncture faces is that people generally cannot believe that it is not painful. I can only explain it like this:

Acupuncture needles are so tiny, similar to the size of a cat's whisker. The shape and design of the "filaform" needle allow it to slip between skin fibers rather than tear a hole in the nerve rich upper layers of the skin like a hypodermic syringe (which we are more accustomed to in the medical field). Generally, you do not even feel a pinch with Acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture filaform needles are inserted using a tube that is slightly shorter than the needle. The needle is then popped quickly, rather than forced/pushed as with a syringe. Because the skin's nerve endings are located in the top layer of the skin, and the Acupuncture needle quickly bypasses this area, thanks to the the tube, the patient only feels the pressure of the tube, which also distracts the nerve endings. Most patients feel NO needle insertion.

I usually demonstrate needle insertion on myself for apprehensive patients, which ellicits no reaction at all from myself. This usually eliminates most fears but I also offer a topical anesthesia/numbing cream which is helpful with patients receiving facial work.

Acupuncture anti-aging facelifts are approx. 1/10th + the cost of plastic surgery (it's like getting a 90% discount without the bruises and recovery!) Usually no one knows you are having "work done", because the results are gradual, over a 10 week time period. However many patient mention that their friends ask if are doing something different. Many patients simply tell friends they are getting Acupuncture for stress, which is completely accurate! (It is highly recognized for reducing stress and affecting all types of pain also).

If you want a great alternative to plastic surgery face lifts, I feel that Anti-Aging Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation far-exceeds in all respects.

Patricia J Ahner, AP, LAc, LMT