Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Acupuncture Demonstrations

I am finding that people, in general, are a bit mystified by Acupuncture. They are not sure what it really is, what it does, if it hurts (or how it can be possible that it does not hurt, since the word "needles" are involved) and have never experience it or even know how to find someone who does it.
Basically, I find, people never start looking for Acupuncture, until they have tried everything else. Which is why I started offering Acupuncture Demonstrations to small groups in the area: to spread the word, so to speak.

Acupuncture is so good for so many things, it is my hope that people will consider Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine before considering prescription drugs. The "Less is More" approach.

This link goes to a page with a collection of Acupuncture Demonstration Videos that I collected from the internet, one video shows the typical acupuncture needle that is used... for health care solutions

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Migraine Headaches - there are solutions

Migraine Headaches - seems everyone is getting them lately, at least I have been hearing about it lately, more then ever...

I was plagued with Migraines for years. My mother had Migraines also. In those days, no one knew what they were and they were thinking to have her put in a care facility. She had to give up her job at the time because, they were so debilitating and she couldn't function.

Some nice doctor found info on the subject and gave her caffeine pills, which worked for a while but basically, they told her she had to learn to reduce her stress. (a little tough with a full time job, and 4 kids running around the house, she was quite the super-mom).

I started getting Migraines when I went away to college, once they came on, it was 3 days before I was normal again (actually on the 3rd day I was almost euphoric, I thought from the relief).

Now, I feel like I know so much about Migraine Headaches it is ridiculous! And I am always looking for more info to add (must be my A-type personality)
Here is a study I found that talks about Migraines and Acupuncture.

Try to see it as a build up of toxins (over years of things like fluoride, chlorine in the water and cleaning supplies, pesticides in the food and the list goes on and on) that the body cannot get rid of. Imagine this begins to overflow into the rest of the body (because the body is too busy getting rid of the other stuff we dump in like deep fried foods, not to mention all the sugar we ingest). Well it has to go somewhere, too many toxins create stress and stress has been found to be one of the factors related to bringing on migraines (there are usually 3 factors that need to be present to bring about a Migraine). Stress is multidimensional: physical (due to chemical toxins, allergens, metal toxicity, even scars!) mental, & emotional. If your physical body is more balanced, and can handle what you put into it, you can better handle the mental or emotional issues.

There is great success with Migraine patients utilizing nutrition. For patients interested in nutrition, I use a technique to scan the body, determine where things are off and I also scan to find what your particular body needs to balance it out and make it work the way it should. Fascinating to see the results and it can address nearly any issue.

So if you are getting headaches, or migraine headache, don't give up, keep looking. It has been 3 years since I had one (and I am not taking meds). At one point in time, I used to get them daily when I did not have medication. There is hope on the horizon! Take time to heal. for health care solutions

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm trying to get pregnant and I have tried everything, even invitro isn't working...

I've had several people say that to me lately in my practice, as if they hadn't seen all the publicity lately about how great Acupuncture is for Infertility, so I wanted to put more coverage out there for all those couples who still haven't heard.

There are several advantages to using Oriental Medicine as an approach to assist fertility.

The benefits of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in treatment for the infertile couple can be found in early Chinese medical literature dating back to the 11AD. Not only do these techniques assist in regulating the menstrual cycle and invigorating the sperm, but they also serve to enhance the function of the whole body. And nothing so invasive as Invitro, but if you decide to go the Invitro route, their is significant evidence that Acupuncture increases the ability to get pregnant.

Here is a link where there are answers to some common questions... for health care solutions

Balance is everything!