Friday, November 28, 2008

Smoking, French Fries and Chlorine Bleach

I had a dream last night. I was standing in a line to pay my taxes when the girl in the next line said to me "Do you care if I smoke?"
I suddenly realized that she was not asking if the smoke bothered me (as I have always thought in the past and brushed off with a bewildered, questionable "no"). I realized that she was asking me if I CARED if she smoked.

My reply? "Yes I CARE if you smoke, I CARE about you! You are my sister, you are my brother, you are the friend that I have not yet met, I CARE about you! We are all one people, we are all human, we are living breathing, organic beings, connected in spirit on this living breathing, transforming planet...I CARE about you. Would you try to feed an apple to a piece of plastic? NO! Do I CARE if you SMOKE? Yes, I care" I then began to think of all of the people who have ever asked me that same question and my injustice to their question. I felt guilty, for not telling them that I care about them. I never realized what they were asking me. They did not say "Will the smoke bother your eyes or does the second hand smoke make you sick?" they were asking "Do I CARE?"
Yes, I care. I care about YOU.

Every person makes up the "people" and the people make up the human race, we live on Planet Earth in this vast galaxy. We live and breath and affect every other person, every other living moving thing in the universe. One movement, one thought, one action can create a wave of re-action, we all know this from science. I CARE! I CARE about the future, I care about the past, I care about our choices, I care about YOU.

I was once lost in a cycle of self destruction myself. Maybe I needed someone to tell me that same thing, however I never verbally asked. Luckily, as I laid my head down one afternoon on my kitchen table and prayed to whomever was in charge, to take me now, take me, I was done, I had done everything I could think to do. I was miserable, deep within my skin, in my heart I felt empty and alone. 

I could find no reason to be miserable, I had a good home, a good family, a good job, people that loved me and I was still begging to leave this world, I was miserable. I did not want to live one more second like this. Often I found myself curled up in a corner, crying, rocking myself, just trying to make it to the next day.
I began to think about all the people that had much less than me, they looked happy, they were always smiling and as I looked, they seemed to have one thing in common...They were all people helping other people, like nurses, social workers, organizers.

As I looked at my life, I saw that I was not a person who was inclined to help anyone, unless I was pushed into it and then, I did not like the position, I was not comfortable, I was miserable.
I reevaluated my life and began to consider that this was the missing element in my life that might fill the void that I felt, that if I approached the aspect of helping people with interest and desire and my own initiative, that perhaps that would erase the misery I was wallowing in.

So I offered my commitment, to help to this omnipresent boss, with the only conditions being: I would need to be taken care of financially, and that I could use the talents that I had, to help the world, to help.

I do not want to bore you further with the revelation, the vision and the information that poured into me at the very moment I signed the contract in my head. But I will say that 15 years later, I still have the same goals, but I have a lot more tools.

I can tell you that chemicals are not good for the health of human beings, or the planet. I can tell you that we are all connected whether we understand it, or not. I can tell you that the body is fully capable of healing itself, GIVEN THE CHANCE. I can tell you there is more to this life than meets the eye. I can tell you that we ALL CARE, and some are lost in the idea that no one cares. I can tell you that in order to give, you must receive and when you give, you do receive more than you could ever imagine. So the next time someone asks you "Do you CARE if I smoke?" "Do you want a fry?" "What type of water do you WANT?" Consider what they are asking... and perhaps the answer is: "I CARE about YOU!"

Take care my friends, we need you, we care about you: your health, your life, the earth. We really care, we are here to help guide you, feed you information, nourish your soul, teach you how to choose foods that your body can use to heal.
Just ask, search, intend, seek. We are all around you, waiting to help you with our tools of knowledge, our stories as examples. We are paying our universal taxes, we are the caregivers! We CARE.
We want your comments...Thanks

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Water for Health

Which one is best...Spring, Purified, Distilled, Alkaline.
Everybody is talking about Kangen / Alkaline water...
I remember when Distilled water was all the rage.
Everybody was buying Distillers, but why?
What is the difference?
Spring water is so popular, they serve it in most every restaurant. It is a huge business.
I was recently at a trade show and the city was promoting tap water. It is already filtered, right? So why are we buying bottled water?
Basically, we think we are getting better water, with better benefits right???
How do you decide which water to drink?
Here is a the low down...
Spring water, comes from springs and has minerals and bacteria from the area to benefit immunity etc. right?
yes, however the minerals are found to be too large to actually absorb and get any real benefit. Bacteria, might be good now and then, but at the cost of plastic that leaches into the bottle when light is present, not so good.
Distilled water has nothing in it, right?
Distilled is most like the process of rain water, only thing is, as the water vaporizes, so do the pesticides and other chemicals. Because it vaporizes, it leaves the minerals behind also.
Purified? What is that?
Purified or Reverse Osmosis is called "clean water"
It passes through several filters generally, cleans out chlorine with charcoal filters, and debris, bacteria and other critters that might come across like tiny eggs of microscopic things that are not processed out in the city filtering. This also can leach minerals from your body because it offers none when it is filtered. It is middle of the road as far as acid alkaline so basically, it is just water, unless something comes through the filters or filters are not cleaned regularily
And what is all this about alkaline???
Your "higher end" Purifiers often have choices of Purified, Alkaline or Acid water and generally will filter more liters of water than a lesser purifier.
Alkaline water from a Kangen systems and other systems like Jupiter, Tyent, KYK Genesis, Life etc. has shown to help clean the intestines, which allows the intestines to absorb nutrients and nourish the body, leading to healing and sometimes reversal of health issues. I would say it might be something to do for a month or so, then go back to something like purified or distilled.

I personally prefer purified from a high-end home purifier (not from bottles), it tastes clean, is neutral and my main goal is to avoid any chemicals with my water. I get a variety of good vegetables and fruits (intestinal fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants and all the rest that comes with natural food), seeds and mineral supplements when needed, so I am not so worried about getting enough minerals.
On occasion, I do a month of Alkaline water, just to clean up anything that might be clogging up the walls of the intestines for good measure. When traveling, I have a glass bottle I carry my water in. If taking a trip, I have a 3 gallon, hard polycarbonate container that I keep in the trunk and can usually be refilled at grocery stores with reverse osmosis machines.
Which water do you like??
Best of Luck deciding which one fits your lifestyle, then drink about 1/2 your weight in ounces every day!
Be sure to consult your physician if you have health issues.

Eating the Apple Core

Consider the power of a seed. When planted, it can give LIFE. Grow into another apple tree or avocado tree, tomato plant etc.
Seeds, when broken down to micro-sizes, release healthful phytonutrients/phytochemicals.

Things like beets, broccoli stems, avocado and apple seeds have been shown to address a myriad of health issues. There is evidence from laboratory studies that phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer, possibly due to dietary fibers, polyphenol antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects.

Food Therapy and good food choices are at the root of good health. But how to you know what foods do, which seeds address what issues? I found an excellent book to get you started with all types of great information. I have been searching, for years, to find a compilation of this information and just stumbled across it recently. I was compelled to pass on the info to anyone listening (check out this link for more info)

From my research, you need a 3 hp blender to break down the fibers to the size necessary to unlock those nutrients. There are lots of stories showing the healing effects of drinking a phytonutrient rich smoothie everyday in the morning. I believe, food based healing is an excellent way to easily create a healthier life and possibly reverse disease in the body.

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away...that includes the core!