Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get in the Zone!

Do you feel out of whack? Nothing quite going your way? Keep running into the proverbial wall? Are you off your game? 

You are not the only one.

I have been working with patients that are coming in with the same complaint.
I have another blog devoted to these types of things but thought I should tie it into this one since it seems to be a needed thing right now. (http://spiritualhealingblog.blogspot.com)

If you are an athlete, you know when you are "in the zone" and some of you know how to get there, others just never learned. If you are one of those that just can't get in or feel like something has gone horribly wrong lately. You might be kicked off the Universal "Axialtonal Lines".

How do you get connected again?
There are several ways, the easiest is to go to an Acupuncturist and have them do the Axialtonal Alignment treatment. Acupuncture is actually painless, even though they use the word needle, it is nothing like an injection needle that has a hole in the middle which punctures the skin, these needles are about the thickness of a hair and actually go between the skin cells and it is painless. Often patients do not even know if they have already been inserted, and will say "tell me when you start, o.k?" I have to laugh each time - Acupuncture is so misunderstood!

Another way is to have it done intuitively. I have been using this technique since I developed the protocol and have been getting great results and feedback. Needle free!

You can also connect via meditation and visualization, but you need more information to attain the connection.

There is an easy way to do this through imagination, by using different affirmations, which raise your vibration and seem to snap you back in.

Most importantly, once you are back in, how do you stay aligned. Simple. Remove all negativity from your thinking, talking and exposure to negativity. 

Did you ever notice, you are clipping along, feeling great when someone comes at you with their negative attitude directed at you and suddenly, your world is upside down, nothing is right again.

They just kicked you off alignment. 

Here is an emergency CPR for when this happens...say the word in your mind or aloud...
cancel, cancel, cancel or neutral, neutral, neutral until you cannot even remember what happened that caused you to feel bad. Now quickly redirect your thought to something constructive and positive, a project you love or person you like being around. You will be reconnected if you catch it right away. Otherwise, if you wait too long, you will need to redo your connection.

So stay positive and enjoy being "IN THE ZONE"

read about Axialtonal Lines and how they work


Why take Drugs when you can eat Chocolate?

Superfood: feed your brain, stimulate your mind, hype up your body, have a Superfood party and watch your grades soar, your energy spring into action, get you back in the game, and your body will be calm, cool and collected...

What the @#?* (bleep) are Superfoods?

First and foremost, they are raw, unprocessed, unfiltered, all natural, hopefully organic or wild.
Their properties sometimes need to be unlocked, so powder form is good or get a few friends together, chip in for a 3 Hp Blender (great gift to hint for) and start making your own powerhouse smoothies.

Here are 11 good Superfoods, that should get you off to a good start, there are more and Superherbs as well...when I first saw some of these, I never even heard of them!

Wolfberries or Goji Berries
Acai Berry (pronounced like: ah-sigh-yee' berries)
Camu Camu Berries
Coconut Oil
Cacao Beans
Hemp Seed 
Spirulina and Blue-Green Algae
Bee Pollen (organic, raw, wild, unfiltered)
Medicinal Mushrooms (Shitake, Reishi, Maitake, Cordycepts, etc.)
Seaweed / Kelp
Yacon Root

Best Chocolate Smoothie I ever made...
2 cups purified water
16 Cacao Beans (raw, organic, whole)
1 teaspoon Maca Powder
2 dates (pitted)
coconut milk (can imported from thailand)
1 Tablespoon Hemp Oil
1 teaspoon Vanilla (non alcohol - blends smoother)
handful of green pumpkin seeds
handful of sunflower seed

Blend 3 cycles in Blendtec 3 Hp blender, comes out steaming hot like hot cocoa, YUM
sometimes I add big handful of ice before last cycle if I want it cooler, double YUM and double boost (sometimes when things are heated, they lose their SuperPower, better at room temp)

Not sure where to find Superfoods?
Most can be found at your local health food store or
online at places like www.food-healing.com
and other sites, google each one separately if you can't find it.

They will be the best natural drugs you have ever spend money on and when you are 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80+ years old, your mind will be clearer, you will be stronger, you will have done and accomplished more that you can imagine and you won't be taking prescription drugs to the tune of $800-$1000.00 a month, like everyone else around you.

Get hyped up with Superfood - stimulate yourself, get your focus back, reach your full potential, amaze your family and friends.

Too tired to get up for class? why struggle with school, feeling depressed and out of energy with no desire or interest in much of anything...if I knew when I was in College what I know now, about foods, I would have my PhD by now!

Want to learn more about food and food therapy? 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Healthy Perspective for a Healthy Mind, Body and Life

Do you think sometimes, why me, why can't I feel good like her/him. Why do I have to be the one driving the crappy car, struggling day to day?

Actually, perspective is everything. There is a saying...
"Change your mind to change your life"

Begin to change your perspective with one verse...

"Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better."

First, write down how you see your life now, from your current perspective.
But, before you say the verse, try to FEEEEEL it, envision your ideal life. Be sure to include how you make other people feel good about themselves, you could include ideas like: I am healthy, wealthy and wise. My family is healthy and happy. Love is all around us. Imagine people smiling and laughing the belly laugh, they cannot stop because they are so happy and you are there, laughing also. Imagine children playing and giggling. See the world is getting better, everyone is helpful and friendly, the economy is skyrocketing, everyone is making money, etc.

Then say the above verse to yourself 20 times.

On a separate piece of paper, write the verse down and put it next to your bed and read the verse when you go to bed and/or when you wake up.

In a week, write your new perspective of your life, compare it to the one from a week ago. Report back with what has changed!
Stay positive!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's Talk About Health

Feel free to email me your health questions related to food, nutrition, energy healing, etc.
I'm here for you, just ask, or maybe I can direct you.

Body Electric: function and dysfunction

Dupuytren's, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis and Electrolytes:

In Chinese medicine we see the body on some level as fluid and electricity.

Our bodies are made up up mostly fluid. Electrolytes are the conductors of the electricity that comes from the Sinoatrial Node (referred to as the pacemaker of the heart)

To create an illustration in your mind...think of a car battery...if the fluid is low, the battery heats up and burns out. The fluid and the minerals that make up the electrolytes are what conduct the electricity or the energy. When fluid is low, energy is low. Caffeine drinks are like battery acid, they burn up fast and leave you with less energy than before, because they burn up fluid along the way.

Our bodies need to be supplemented with fluid and electrolytes when we have been burning them or perspiring. Often when it is hot outside and you are in the sun, you do not tend to even feel yourself perspiring, but you actually are, it is just being evaporated off your skin just as fast. If you are in hot weather or working out, you are losing fluids and with them some electrolytes.

In Chinese Medicine, yin is a condensed fluid and it is believed to lubricate the joints and tendons. It is a thicker substance like the oil in a car engine that makes everything run smoothly.

Generally stiff or unflexible tendons are referred to as dry (meaning without yin or oil as lubrication) without the flexibility needed, tendons can pull on the sheath encasing the bones, and that pulling action tells the bone that it needs to create more bone...this can lead to spurs and unorganized bone structure causing things like plantar fasciatis where the bony spurs are irritating the fascia around the plantar bone of the heel and creating inflammation (thus the "itis" part of the work meaning inflammation)

Dupuytrens Contracture can also be considered dry tendons. Generally people with dry tendons in one area, begin to experience the same issue in other tendons as well.

So, what to do about it? Where do I get yin? How to start?

Check out these yin producing foods along with getting some high quality food-based minerals when needed (most over the counter minerals are not the best quality). Food source minerals (eating foods high in minerals like a variety of seeds and nuts or working with a phytonutrient smoothie diet for optimal health), of course, are the best and easiest for us to absorb. Note: Most spring water has minerals, but the molecules are generally too big for our bodies to use them and they can end up being deposited all over the body and clog things up, creating a bigger problem.

Get enough good water to go along with your good minerals for good electrical conductivity. Fluid converts to "yin". Without fluid, yin becomes depleted, so keep your fluid up and work with some yin producing foods to bump up your yin, limit your caffeine...then watch what happens to your tendons and also pay attention to your skin, you might notice it is more moist and supple as well.

Hint: A cup or 2 of hot water in the morning, flushes the overnight sludge that collects in the kidneys and the action of heating the water also makes the water molecules "thinner" so your body can absorb it more easily and rehydrate you. You want to get those small bubbles to form just before a big rolling boil, that is the key. And drink it when is it on the hotter side of warm before it converts back to the normal sized molecule (or gets "thicker" again).

That should get your body lubricated for healthier tendons and help reduce the inflammation

Patricia J Ahner, LAc

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ionizer...huh? A Brief Intro: Short, but Sweet...

I have to admit, I have actually been a bit vague about Ionized Water and thought I should delve into it to try to clarify.

We are recognizing that Ionized water's ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) rather than pH factor is more important when it comes to drinking water these days...

Water treated via electrolysis through a water ionizer/purifier makes the water molecules somewhat thinner or more bio-available and also work like antioxidants to address free radicals in the body (something everyone can benefit from), this is measured as an ORP (Redox or Reduction Potential is what you should look for when buying a Water Ionizer/Purifier)

Compared to any processed water for sale, Ionized Water with a reduction potential of -250 to -300 mV is beyond comparison due to its ability to scavenge active oxygen radicals.

Most high end Water Ionizers offer choices in pH between Acid and Alkaline, with a variety of ORP values along with Purified / Clean Water which make for a great investment in your family's health. 

What is Acid Water good for you ask? Acid water can act as an antibacterial agent, or is perfect for growing herbs or cleaning vegetables among other external things.


The Onion Analogy

We all have emotions and many of us have emotions that prevent us from moving forward on many levels.

Physiologically, our bodies are designed to store emotions in a part of the brain called the Limbic system. The effective reason for this would be if a child reaches up to the hot stove and burns his fingers, this emotional memory will be deep seeded in memory so the child will not make the same mistake twice.

The dysfunction of this is that when we have an incident in life, fueled by emotion, our Limbic system takes that incident and makes it part of our cellular body, so that we will not make the same mistake twice.

In Chinese Medicine, emotions are associated with organs.  For example, it is known that Liver is associated with Anger, Heart associated with Anxiety, Kidneys associated with Fear etc.

I believe that after the Limbic system gets the program of the emotion, it then begins to replicate via the DNA and integrate or transfer these emotional aspects to it's associated organ.

The Onion Layers Analogy:

As you go through life, piling up emotional misinformation, you end up 30 years later with, for example: fear of heights with no apparent reason.

To give you a visual, imagine, your first fear of the hot stove, then a strange dog barks at you, creating another fear layered on top of the hot stove, later, your teacher yells at you when you are in front of the class and so on. Because you did not release those fears as they happened, as a child would cry or scream with fright at the barking dog.

In the classroom, it is more difficult to express and generally, a person would hold in their fear, giving the Limbic system time to attach the emotion and begin replication to the Kidney tissue. As you pile up layers of emotional fears, several things can happen... you become unreasonably fearful and/or you begin to have kidney issues.

These layers are sometimes compared to the layers of an onion, with the original dysfunctional fear at the core of the onion and the layers being the teacher incident and others that lay on top of that one. The closer you can get to the core dysfunction, the more layers will come off.

In Chinese Medicine, there are many levels to disease, some deeper and more chronic than others, some more recent and acute. When recent acute issues are not addressed, they tend to become chronic and more dis-ease related.

I use several "emotional release techniques" to address both chronic and acute issues and have found great success in unblocking emotions and allowing both emotional and physical healing. Everything from fear of heights and anxiety when driving over bridges to past traumas or events.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cellular Protection for Rejuvenation

With all the buzz about Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Cell Phones, Computers and plain old electricity everywhere, it is only prudent to consider EMF devices to protect your human biological cell from damage.
I have tried several things in the past...
One, I paid a lot of money for, and then it suddenly did not feel right, guess what, it broke!
The one I love and still wear is a piece of jewelry with NASA technology call Dichroic Jewelry and you can find them here and there, they are beautiful and look like a weird stone of some sort, but are manmade (size does matter here, the bigger, the more protection).

I muscle test these devices to see if they really work. I test them against my body, then I hold my cell phone up to my ear and test them, then I test them while making a call. This Dichroic Jewelry works in all positions. I then hold up my portable phone from home and turn it on and it does not work. What does that mean? Can the portable phones be worse than the cell phones? Of course my cell phone has a low SARS rating, which most are not.

Recently, I found a great one that is easy to get at a great price. Works on both the cell and the portable phone in talking position. I have one taped to my computer and found my eyes don't get so weak at night (I must admit, I am on the computer ALOT lately) Before when I was on the portable and using the computer, I had to step away from it (computer) because me hears would hurt inside. I think there is some kind of connection between the wireless devices.

I am always surprised how many people do not know of (and who know but are not concerned with) electromagnet interruption of our bodies. Maybe they don't quite get it, or if they did, what would they do? They need their phones. It is now a necessary accessory. Your body does most of it's healing and regeneration at night. With all the little computer,cell phone chargers lights on, the wireless everything throughout your house, your body is constantly being interrupted, even at night! Oh, by the way, YOUR BODY CANNOT REGENERATE, HEAL OR MAINTAIN IT'S HEALTH WITH EMF INTERRUPTION. So it is extremely necessary in these times of wireless communication to protect your cells. Without it, all the nutrition in the world will not be enough to counteract the effects unless you live in the woods away from such things!

I am here to tell you, some EMF devices can run hundreds of dollars and then they can break! ugh
This one works, is simple and is affordable, so if down the road, it breaks for any reason, you can afford to GET ANOTHER ONE!

For the cost of less than $30 plus S & H, how can you go wrong! Get 3! One for your phone, one for your computer, one for your body (yes, one has a hook for a chain so you can wear it). Your cells will thank you.

I personally have the beautiful Dichroic piece that I wear and 2 of the other ones for my phone and computer.
I am trying to get these on my site to sell on the FoodTherapy page, wish me luck... or check the page periodically.
Protect your cells!