Monday, March 3, 2008

Pregnancy and Mental Clarity: No Blood?

I just read a blog about loss of memory, learning potential during pregnancy.

In Chinese Medicine, "blood nourishes the brain" and affects the memory.

This is a great opportunity also to nourish the mother's body as well as the baby.
There are many factors that can affect memory, but basically, the blood needs to be available and qi needs to be moving.

Nourish the blood: Chinese herbs are a great way to nourish the blood, whole food organic supplements are another way along with nutritional whole foods.
Qi needs to be moving to carry the blood to the brain: Acupuncture can regulate the Qi. If there are blockages in the Qi flow, it can lead to other issues as well. Move a little, do some stretching (if you are not advised not to!) This moves the lymph and blood, but don't overdo it.
Keep the flow: Remove things from your diet and lifestyle that interrupt the flow of Qi and Blood. Eliminate artificial sugars, tap water (filter your water). If your body is working on dealing with things that interrupt absorption of nutritent, it cannot absorb what is beneficial.
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These methods also help the Mother after childbirth, to strengthen her body, helping prevent post-partum depression!

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