Monday, March 17, 2008

Hook-up to "Universal" Healing Source

Does the universe have a system for healing?

Some say yes! According to the book "What is Lightbody" Axialatonal Lines do just that function.

As I understand it...Axialtonal Lines make up the matrix of the universe, a type of web that connects everything together. Our bodies at one time were connected to these invisible lines, but do to certain circumstances, they were disconnected. (Makes you wonder about the declining health of world huh?) Apparently, now is the time for them to be reconnected and I have been hearing more and more about them lately, which makes me believe that might be true.

There is an acupuncture sequence that is available to reconnect your body to the Axialtonal Lines of the Universe, to begin universal healing for yourself....

What are Axialtonal (Axiotonal / Axiatonal) Lines and why do they need to be aligned? (see

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