Friday, February 1, 2008

How to get health and healing education included in global healthcare?

I have a dream, and I apologize as maybe it is a bit political but, I think it is necessary to speak up, and time for a change.

With all the talk about a Global Health Care System and the great possibility that it will be implemented in the next presidential term on some level, I would like to suggest that a program be included to re-educate the population starting at the grades school level about health and healing.

Many of us in the Alternative health care fields have long-known that the prescription drug companies run the health care world and some of us believe they highly influence the physicians that prescribe their drugs. Not to say there is no place for prescription drugs, but I am fairly certain that we as a nation, are over medicated.

Acupuncture for example, even though it has been around, in different areas of the world, for thousands of years, and there is a multitude of research to prove its clinical effectiveness in other countries, it is said to be "difficult to measure" and discredited by the western medical profession. But not much is said about the crippling effects (not to mention deaths) of misused prescription drugs every year, that CAN be measured!

Enough about that, what I would like to propose to Washington and the running candidates is to include in your mandatory or semi-mandatory new Global Health Care program, the re-education of a society that is extremely prescription drug oriented. Re-educate with the idea and purpose to expose Alternative, healthy, non-invasive processes that can be more cost effective and dis-ease preventive, for a healthier society. I believe that would keep our health care costs to a minimum. Like Mandatory Preventive Medicine to include regular stress reducing treatments like Massage Therapy & Acupuncture with Physical Therapy & muscular re-education instead of unnecessary surgery.

Those of us who choose not to pay for health insurance because first and foremost, most does not include alternative therapies like Massage and Acupuncture or does so minimally. Basically this type of insurance is useless to someone like me on most levels. The only use I would have for Health Care Insurance is if I got for example, hit by a bus (which, is not something I was considering as a possibility as I have a mind not to jump in front of one).

I would like to see a world where there is less and less childhood diabetes, better overall nutrition and good quality food. Implementation of mandatory Alternative Health Education to include BioEnergetic Modalities & education as a priority.
Cultivating healing and health in children at young ages, make for stable, clear minded adults...

In one of my business, we employ foreign students every year for a 4 month period. When they arrive, their eyes are clear and bright, they are calm and clear minded, well-balanced emotionally and have good decision making skills.

At the end of the 4 months, they have gained usually 7-10 pounds, and barely squeeze into the clothes they brought, their eyes are glazed over, their thinking is clouded and they are becoming lazy. I have seen this year after year for 10 years. Which leads me to believe, what is happening to our children is nutritional on some level.

I tell the students when they leave that they are "Americanized", when I hear from them after they are back in their home country, they say the weight came off and they feel much better.

We learn in Medical School, that in malnutrition, the last muscle to be affected is the deltoid muscle. Look around at a group of teenage girls, their deltoids are nearly non-existent, even the ones that are eating right seem to have this physique. For me as a Health Practitioner, I am frightened for the future of our nation, it's children and our nutrition and health.

As I listen to the debates, I was thinking it might be nice to have some feminine energy in the White House to balance out the past few years. However, I am frightened by this Global Health Care idea... that it might be funding only one side of the fence, so to speak, and not have balance or offer Alternative Health Care. It made me consider moving away from the country in such an event to try my life elsewhere and avoid the possible fines for not joining the program. I was wondering if there was anyone else out there with the same vision or concerns and I would like to hear from you.

I think the candidate that addresses this issue, will win the vote of many, whose voices continue to go unheard, unrecognized and discredited at every turn, which is a sizable, untapped market.
It is time for a change, let's hope it really IS for the better of the nation AND the nation's future health.

I would also like to appeal to Sen. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and any of the other candidates, to consider these concerns. If anyone has connections, feel free to pass this link on. for health care solutions

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