Friday, February 22, 2008

The Diet Cola Story by Patricia J Ahner

How to Lose Weight & Stay Thin without surgery or diapers...

A friend of mine had been gaining weight for the past maybe 5-6 years, I told her to eliminate the diet cola she had been drinking, to lose weight. She finally did, in 2 months she lost 25 lbs without changing anything else. She not only lost weight, she looked healthier and 10 years younger, her eyes were clearer, she was less tired, her thinking was clearer and her emotions were stable.

Just saying diet & exercise to lose weight is not the trick. People need to know how the body works to really lose weight and stay healthy. “Diet” is too general, people don’t seem to know: diet does not mean stop or reduce what you eat, but choose what you eat very carefully and you will not be hungry and you will lose weight. Start slow, don’t overwhelm yourself.

3 main things that stop the body from losing weight and keeping it off:

Diet things - anything with artificial sugars – stop the body from processing.
Milk & Milk Products - clog up the body and when the body is clogged up, it cannot eliminate properly
Lack of Hydration - good purified water: water helps the body rid itself of toxins that build up and eventually block the body’s function

Caffeine - stimulates your hunger and dehydrates, so the water part is not working.
Anything white - white flour, white sugar, noodles/pasta, rice, white bread - all these things are processed, some are bleached (would you drink bleach???, I hope not, so don’t eat it with your food) and add no nutritional value to your body.

Whole foods - grains, nuts, beans, fruits, vegetables

What is BETTER to put into your body:
Locally grown organic vegetables, fruits - find an organic market near your area that offers locally grown foods, the flavor is beyond anything that is not locally grown. If the flavor is better, the nutrition is better.

Organic anything is better than conventional, whole food better than processed: Hormone & Pesticide free meats and other vegetables allow your body to have less things to deal with, so it can continue to deal with getting the weight off. Whole foods have everything needed so your body can digest them.

If it is too much to even wrap your brain around….Start to change your habits, if it is too much, just start with the purified water and eliminate diet stuff, you will be amazed.

Good Health to you.

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