Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Acupuncture & Axialtonal Alignment

Axialtonal Alignment via Acupuncture Points for optimal healing

What are Axialtonal (Axiotonal / Axiatonal) Lines and why do they need to be aligned? (see )

Some time ago, I was handed a piece of paper, with a drawing of the human body. On the body were drawn lines and instructions on how to reconnect those lines with the Axialtonal Lines. At the time I had no idea what they were, or why I needed to align them.

10+ years later, I referred to these lines when speaking to my friend and fellow Acupuncturist. This sparked an investigation by her and after some research, she suggested that Acupuncture points were the pathway to reconnect with the Axialtonal Lines.

A little personal colleague is a healer and intuit as am I and we have been working in the healing arts field for over 15 years. Now we are Licensed Acupuncture Physicians in the State of Florida as well as nationally licensed.

Within the next few weeks, we worked out a process with Acupuncture Points to align the Axialtonal Lines and decided to publish this process to allow others to access this information.

What I have discovered is: the Axialtonal Alignment is a little sensitive. There is a safety built in that will kick you out (misalign you again) under certain circumstances.

The Rules: Only positive, non-ego, thoughts relating to helping others seems to be allowed. Thoughts and intentions need to be selfless and worldly. Any negative or self-centered thinking will set you off the (axialtonal) grid.

I have found it is best done when someone is sleeping for optimal benefit, as the mind cannot get in the way of the gridwork.

My experience as an intuit is: there is a lot of DNA work going on, a restructuring of sorts. I feel my cells regenerating, as if rebuilding. There is a significant expansion followed by a "downloading" feeling. It is continual, as long as you are on the grid. There also seems to be positive feedback, meaning, whatever your issue is for the day, if you are on the grid (aligned) and your thoughts are presented in the way described earlier, the issues are resolved quite quickly.

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