Monday, December 5, 2011

Rebuilding Bone, Restoring Health, What's in a Tooth?

I have noticed in the past several years that my teeth seemed "weak". They even had developed some vertical lines which tend to come and go to some degree. These lines started showing up on just the front teeth and eventually developed throughout my teeth. In my search for answers, I came across a little book on how to cure tooth decay naturally.

This book has lead me deep into the memories of my past, when it was ok to drink milk, eat cheese and meats. When I was young, we had milk delivered to our doorstep in a glass bottle. The cream was thickly floating on the top of bottle and my mother would mix it by shaking.

I used to absolutely LOVE milk. I can even remember eating pizza (which was nearly never) with milk. Almost any fruit was eaten in milk or with sour cream. It was the only way I liked it. It was not until my mid-thirties that I was convinced that Milk, my beloved Milk, was the cause of my many digestion/elimination issues which had been going on for years. I reluctantly quit all dairy, and low and behold, the issues that plagued me for most of my adulthood, disappeared. I had relayed my story to anyone who would listen over the years and many people had found relief in the same way.

NOW, from what I have recently read, and with my little experimentation utilizing the information I have found, I have begun partaking in raw milk products and discovered that though I cannot tolerate more than a glass of milk a day, and a few slices of cheese and or cultured milk product, I am seeing improvement in my teeth AND am noticing the sagging skin on my face plump up. My skin texture is smoothing and my body's muscle mass is beefing up etc.

I am esctatic! All this with just a few small changes involving raw and cultured milk products over the last month. This may sound strange but even my eyebrows are thickening (over the years, I have noticed that my eyebrows were thinning, my eyes would sometimes look sullen and sunken in, it is a look I alway associated with old people as a malnourishment in my practice)

I have begun to ponder....Is it possible that the only "unhealthy" thing about Milk is the processing? ...that Milk really does do a body good when it is less processed? Could weak teeth be just another indicator that something is lacking in your diet?

Some of you many ask, "can you even buy raw milk?" Well, it is really not recommended that humans drink raw milk (I believe that is the recommendation of the FDA) and I cannot recommend anyone does it either but yes, you can usually buy it for your animals or through a co-op.

It may be better to culture your raw milk products, but definitely you should educate yourself on raw products before you proceed.

Pasteurization pretty much kills the bacteria, but it also kills the good stuff, so I chose to try it raw myself and so far, so good.

Anyone else have thoughts/experience on raw milk and raw milk products?
Patricia J Ahner


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