Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Allergy and Elimination Techniques

It seems that everyone has allergies today, right down to small children. You could go the route of having the skin testing done, which is basically one way to go, or you could work with someone that tests using specialized Applied Kinesiology or commonly called Muscle Testing (which really is not testing muscle strength but the interrupters to muscle strength) and Allergy Elimination Techniques. Painless and clinically accurate. 

You may have been exposed to Specialized Applied Kinesiology through your local Chiropractor or Acupuncturist. In the testing you would hold your arm out perpendicular to your body and the therapist would ask you to resist when they put pressure on your arm. If you can easily resist without engaging other muscles to hold it in place or not, is an indicator for the therapist.

We use a series of testing like this to find what is disrupting the body and then we find things to desensitize the body to these disruptors, along with nutrition to help the body heal from the disruption, your body can eliminate almost anything, not just allergies, but body pain, headaches, emotional scars or interruptors etc.

Painless and effective,


Lilian said...

It is better that you should know first that your children may be have an allergy, for you to aware what is not for them.

Darryl said...

I agree!, We should try an alternative medicine like acupuncture treatment it's safe and no side effects.

Shanaya said...

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