Saturday, February 28, 2009

Quick Hip Trick

Perhaps you are taking my "What’s in my Walk? Unlocking your pain…" (walking course) or have been to my "HowToStopKneeAnkleBackPain" webpage, either is a quick trick to realign your hips and release your pain.

If you are able to ride a bike, you are able to take advantage of this trick. (however please read disclaimer below)

Remember when you were a kid and you would take off on your bike, without sitting on the seat, to get the bike going faster or create momentum to go up hill? Perhaps those with multiple speed bicyclists have never experienced this process but the old style, fat seat bicyclists know what I am talking about.

That is what you need to do, if you are riding a multiple speed bike, set the speed to a higher resistance so as not to hurt yourself by slipping.

Start out on your bike however you normally do, then when you have the chance to lift off the seat and pedal standing up (use caution and see disclaimer), instead of rocking your hips from side to side as some do in this position, keep your hips more stable/level and only use the muscle of your legs, be sure to have your feet pointing forward on the petals with your weight centered on the ball of your foot between your Great Toe/big toe and your 2nd toe (or the one next to the big toe).

This actually realigns the leg muscles. It incorporates a type of contract/relax technique that some massage therapist/physical therapist use to restructure muscle function.

Commonly the hips are out of alignment because of the leg muscles being unbalanced. The outside of the leg is hypertonic/too tight and the inner leg is hypotonic/weak, which can be from walking improperly, injury or other issues. Also if your stomach and back muscles are weak or imbalanced, this could also be a cause of hip misalignment.

Disclaimer: this is mainly for minor hip alignment and not recommended for anyone with injuries, knee, ankle, back issues, also if you have not ridden a bike for some time or are not comfortable, please, use your common sense, this may not be the method for you. At the very least, take your time and ease into it, start with a stationary bike in the gym, or don't stand up, just rely on your leg muscle, keeping your hips more stable or level and feet as described above. And most of all, consult your physician before any exercise. I highly suggest you read and follow the above walking course before you try this bicycle method. Also, if you do not understand the above directions, please do not try this method. (You would definitely need a bike that is correct for your size to avoid any injury)

Take it easy and have fun!

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